Our Ecobrick Project

What is an Ecobrick?

An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with single use [non recycable] plastic to a set density to create a reusable building block that can last 300-500yrs.. Ecobricks are used to make modular structures e.g. benches / stools etc.

The Hive Community Space Cheltenham Ecobrick Project [pilot July – Sept 2019].

We aim to:

– Create a local team that can make Ecobricks correctly, so they can be fully utilised in structures by providing Ecobrick workshops

– Create our own Ecobrick community that donates single use plastics & suitable bottles; & comes together to prepare it [‘chop’!] & fill [‘stuff’!] the bottles

– Support local charities & communities by facilitating the creation of Ecobrick structures, using local skilled resource

– Reduce the amount of single use [non recyclable] plastics going into landfill

– Find local alternatives to plastics & share reusable / replacement items with our local Community [so supporting local businesses too]

Working together to make a difference…

To register interest / be part of this community effort, do join the FaceBook page: The Hive Community Space Cheltenham Ecobrick Project


How can you help / get involved?

Drop baby related single use plastics into us:

– 500ml / 1 litre empty, dry bottles [no sports tops please]

– Baby wipe / nappy sack packets [including the rigid tops]

[Please no other single use plastic at this time. If we can prove concept during the pilot then we would like to collect other non recyclable plastics. Watch this space!]

Be part of the community & come along to one of our Ecobrick events

Get in touch if you belong to a community [charity / group] that would be interested in an Ecobrick [indoor / outdoor] structure e.g. benches, stools, tables, paths, planters etc.

Would you be willing to offer your skills to construct structures [indoor / outside furniture or garden landscaping]

Do you use or sell products that don’t use plastics / reusable that you would like to share with our community?


The Small Print:

This is a new recycling / charity project for The Hive Community Space Cheltenham. As such we are running it as a project between July & end of September to prove community concept & interest.  The projects success is dependent on adequate collection of required materials [only baby wipe / nappy wrappers to start with], as well as members of the community being able to assist in the prepping of materials & filling of the bottles. In addition we require commisions from local charities of structures to make from the Ecobricks, as well as the skilled free resource to make the structures. We are actively seeking these connections, but community support is great too! All bricks made will be validated against international requirements [weight] & logged on GoBriks.


Our Ecobrick Events at The Hive Community Space Cheltenham:

– Sunday 28 July: Introduction to Ecobricks Workshop

– Tuesday 27 August [19.30 – 22.00] / Sunday 01 September [10..00 – 12.00] / Sunday 14 September [13.00 – 16.00]: Chopping & Stuffing community sessions

Book your space here: www.bookwhen.com/thehivecommunityspacecheltenham

[N.B: Further events maybe added if there is interest. Also if you are a local community that would like to be individually trained to make Ecobricks, then do get in touch. Andrea [Owner of The Hive Community Space Cheltenham is a certified Ecobrick trainer & is able to provide this for local groups either at our venue or other]